Had a body wrap and belly cavitation. I feel so much better now. I think Wilma reduced my belly on just the first session by 3 or more inches. Pleasant and helpful person. I have 4 more treatments already scheduled.

Denise D


Better than Boca !

I was paying 4 times as much for microdermabrasion and not as good and complete

Rachel G


So glad to visit Wilma in her new location.

Now a full service salon with every service I need.  

I just found out Wilma will also provide face services for men.

I will give my bofriend this for his birthday. 

Nancy V

Client Testimonials

We love hearing what you say.


Wilma's waxing skills are so gentle, yet thorough. I have been waxed brazilian many times. This was the best ever. Wilma, thank you



Wilma is wonderful. She is kind, patient and really thorough. This is the very best facial I have ever had. My skin has never felt so fresh and clean. Thank you Wilma !!!

Jay P


I love Milena
I have had many waxes, yet she is the most kind, and gentle waxer I have ever been to. she was patient with me and let me take little breaks. I'll be back regularly.

Julie Y


She did my eyebrows and they are perfect. Wilma is like a superstar artist. 

Karen N


Skin tag removal. I am so happy, these things have been catching on my jewelry for many years, now they are gone. Honestly I can't say enough about how easy and little discomfort.



Clara is an artiste !
I had a family wedding where I wanted to look extra special. Clara did such a great job of making me look special and my eyeliner was so cool. thanks clara you are the best



My husband gave me a Wilma gift certificate for Christmas.

Wilma got me ready for our New Year's Eve party !!

I have never felt and looked so beautiful, even my husband says I look 10 years younger.

Can't wait for 2016. I'll be back for even more treatments

Jan W


Wilma does facial and body treatments.

Having heard great recommendations regarding her wonderful facials, etc., I decided to have my first facial EVER at her salon.

I chose to have microdermabrasion. During the treatment I was truly relaxed the entire time. My face feels fresh and revived.

I am another satisfied customer. I've already booked another appointment for December.

Thank you Wilma!!